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La sécurité, un besoin essentiel pour l'afrique

A word from the chairman

When SAGAM was created on December 5, 1985, our objective was to fill a security need for institutions, industries and services. 

But since September 11, 2001, the situation has fundamentally changed. Indeed, over the years, Africa and the rest of the world have been confronted with new forms of threats, with the negative consequence of increasing instability that makes them much more vulnerable than before. The events in Paris, Bamako and Ouagadougou unfortunately confirm this trend.

For a long time considered as secondary and especially intended for a privileged class, security has become an essential, even vital, need for the whole world and in particular for Africa.

The diversification of our products as well as the establishment of our subsidiaries in several African countries, show, if need be, our will to make all the populations benefit from our expertise while keeping our quality of service.

Solutions adapted to security needs

Security is a pillar of stability and is essential to the development and economic growth of our countries.

Aware of these challenges, SAGAM actively participates in the implementation of solutions adapted to the growing and multifaceted security needs throughout Africa.

The meteoric evolution of new technologies, particularly in the last ten years, allows us to innovate every day.

Quality of service above all

Our policy of recruitment, training and supervision has contributed to maintaining the quality of our services. Thus, over the years and through our experience, we have acquired a solid reputation built on our professionalism and efficiency.

This success would not have been possible without the involvement of our clients such as financial institutions, diplomatic missions, companies, industries among others, who, through their criticism and observations, contribute every day to the improvement of our performance.

Highly competent human resources

SAGAM is a socially responsible company that has been able to rank among the top three employers in Senegal in terms of staff and contributions.

It participates in the reintegration of former soldiers released from the army where they have acquired essential values such as discipline and rigor. Trained by us in civil security, hundreds of them join the defense and security forces every year through competitive examinations.

SAGAM's social policy includes medical care for employees and their families, support for housing cooperatives created by the staff, as well as the communion created around the celebrations organized on May 1st and during the Christmas tree, etc. These are undoubtedly reasons for staff loyalty.

The celebration of our thirtieth anniversary is a moment of great satisfaction for all of us and constitutes an important milestone, achieved thanks to the competence of our human resources and the confidence of our clients. We would like to thank them for their loyalty and assure them of our determination to continue this beautiful work together.