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La sécurité, un besoin essentiel pour l'afrique

Social responsibility

SAGAM International's social policy is strongly focused on the well-being of its employees.

It includes medical care for employees and their families, support for housing cooperatives, and the organization of internal federative events (May Day, Christmas tree, soccer tournaments, etc.).

More specifically, SAGAM International provides its employees with the following benefits :

  • Compulsory affiliation to the SAGAM International Health Insurance Institution (IPM).
  • Benefit from a consumer cooperative to allow agents to buy basic foodstuffs.
  • Free membership to the Employees' Housing Cooperative for access to housing.
  • A medical and social service

SAGAM International also participates in the reintegration of former soldiers released from the army. Trained by SAGAM International in civil security, hundreds of them join the defense and security forces each year through competitive examinations.