Emplois & carrières

La sécurité, un besoin essentiel pour l'afrique

Security audit

Our expert teams of engineers, computer scientists and senior technicians conduct security audits to bring the client's facilities up to standard.

This involves a comprehensive analysis of the various threats to perimeter, perimeter and interior security, including break-in, fire, vandalism or theft, in order to make recommendations that comply with the ever-changing regulations, while integrating the client's requirements and budgetary constraints.

The approach

Within the framework of the security audit / consulting missions, we study in detail the existing solutions already deployed or to be installed. 

For the cases with an existing, we formulate axes of correction, improvement and/or reinforcement according to a controlled chronogram with a college composed of various competences (Technical / IT / Commercial / Quality / HSE / Others).

For security needs, we conduct the study according to our experience and the internal/external threats. At the end of the work, high quality deliverables are provided to the clients with all the recommendations.