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La sécurité, un besoin essentiel pour l'afrique

SAGAM Sécurité Senegal

Created in December 1985, SAGAM Sécurité Sénégal is today the leader in its field in Senegal. It employs nearly 3,400 people, which places it among the top three employers in the country.


  • Guarding: implementation of surveillance and guarding systems where the agent's mission is to check the state of the security systems and mechanical and/or electronic protections, to report their malfunctions and failures based on instructions established with the client's participation. An operational center (service room) centralizes all the information collected in the field and the personnel deployed there are responsible for coordinating all the operations that take place day and night.
  • Sorting center: it has been in existence for nearly 20 years and meets the technical standards for processing funds from both large customers and bank branches. At the request of the BCEAO, this center was in charge of the demonetization of the 500, 1,000, 2,500, 5,000, and 10,000 F bills of the 1991 range in 2003. It is the first to have been created in this field in the whole sub-region and has capitalized on a strong experience allowing it to gain the confidence of banks such as CBAO, BICIS, Citibank, Crédit du Sénégal, Banque Atlantique du Sénégal, Bank of Africa, BSIC, UBA and Ecobank Senegal among others.
  • Transport of funds and valuables: our agents ensure the safe transport of valuables, whatever their nature, throughout the national territory, and systematically carry out a security audit on the sites concerned before any relationship begins.
  • Sending and receiving of currencies: the circulation of currencies is much more to secure at the time of the import and their export, that is why the organizers of these exchanges which are based abroad need a sure relay which can deal with it as they would do it themselves. We have completed the range of services to be offered to financial institutions by setting up this activity.
  • Alarm response: it is a continuous Supervised Alarm System with intervention teams. With a remote control button, the customer can arm or disarm his alarm system and request help in case of need (intrusion, aggression, illness, fire...).

Other information

Profile of clients : Banks and financial institutions, embassies, industries, residences, international or private organizations.

Contact :

  • Guarding :
  • Tel: (+221) 33 859 74 00.
  • E-mail: sagamgard@sagam.sn
  • Cash in transit :
  • Tel: (+221) 33 865 15 15.
  • E-mail: sagam@sagam.sn

Logistics :

  • Armored vehicles according to international standards.
  • 4 x 4 vehicles for patrol and intervention.
  • Electronic protection systems.
  • Remote monitoring station.
  • Communication equipment: Trunk radios, etc.
  • Sorting and counting equipment for bills and coins.
  • Packaging and conservation equipment.
  • Digital and visual traceability of all operations.