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La sécurité, un besoin essentiel pour l'afrique

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Various inspection equipment for pedestrians, luggage and vehicles to avoid any threat to your facility

Our products

  • Parcel Scanners (Baggage and Parcel Control): Example of a mobile scanner, excellent tool for schools, hotels, conference centers or any other need for a mobile, compact and efficient solution.
  • Gantry metal detectors.
  • Hand-held metal mass detectors: The handheld metal mass detector (or magnetometer) is an integral tool in the physical security process. Its unique concept allows a complete control while keeping the hands away from the person.
  • Portable Explosives Detectors: Example of a rugged handheld explosives and improvised materials detector capable of detecting trace particles and vapors in less than 7 seconds. It offers the latest dual-mode detection capabilities uniquely developed to address global terrorism issues with special operational requirements such as extreme temperatures, wind, rain, sand, drops and impacts.

With factory certified training, our engineers have the proven know-how to implement effective solutions for your security needs.

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