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La sécurité, un besoin essentiel pour l'afrique

Secure documents

This activity of secure documents is essentially carried out by AIS, a subsidiary of SAGAM International.

AIS has a printing workshop equipped with modern materials allowing it to meet the requirements of its customers in a very short time for the personalization, the shaping of checkbooks and secure documents.

Our methods

For this work, AIS uses very specific papers that have a number of security features (use of inks invisible to the naked eye, holograms, etc.) that give them a very high level of reliability, making fraudulent reproduction of checks impossible.

Within the framework of the security audit / consulting missions, we study in detail the existing solutions already deployed or to be installed. 

For the cases with an existing, we formulate axes of correction, improvement and/or reinforcement according to a controlled chronogram with a college composed of various competences (Technical / IT / Commercial / Quality / HSE / Others)

For security needs, we conduct the study according to our experience and the internal and external threats. At the end of the work, high quality deliverables are provided to the clients with all the recommendations.