Emplois & carrières

La sécurité, un besoin essentiel pour l'afrique

Security guards

By the professionalism, the seriousness of its men and the quality of its services, SAGAM Sécurité has imposed itself as the leader of security in Senegal.

Our services

This field of intervention includes mainly two segments of activity:

  • The classic guarding.
  • Alarm response: alarm system with remote supervision and intervention.

SAGAM Sécurité SA has been providing its services since 1985 to a diverse clientele consisting mainly of companies, diplomatic missions, international organizations, industries, banks, financial institutions, projects, large telecommunication companies, hotels, etc.

Our recruitment methods

With a workforce of approximately 3,400 employees, it is one of the largest employers in Senegal. A controlled organization has been put in place around the following axes:

  • A homogeneous guard system that complies with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Human-sized working conditions.
  • Supervision of work at several levels of responsibility.
  • The recording of events to ensure traceability.
  • The use of modern means of communication including communication radios in most of the posts and in all the vehicles of the operational services.
  • Motivation and loyalty of the staff by granting substantial benefits including :
    - the payment of the 13th month to all workers having an effective presence of 12 months within the company;
    - loans granted on the occasion of certain family events (baptism, marriage, death);
    - the compulsory affiliation of employees to the SAGAM Sécurité's Health Insurance Institution (IPM);
    - the benefit of a consumer cooperative to allow employees to buy basic foodstuffs;
    - free membership in the employee housing cooperative for access to housing.
  • Respect for the chain of command that follows the contours of the military hierarchy, the natural breeding ground for our personnel.
  • Permanent availability of our services (toll-free number, cell phone number, e-mail).
  • A regular medical follow-up of the personnel.
  • Regular provision of individual and collective equipment, including during the rainy and cold seasons.
  • An adapted fleet of cars, a garage dedicated to the company.

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